Governed by Fear - The approaching Police State

Here is another picture I took on my way to New York City. The image above is another perfect example of how the use of fear is exploited in order to snatch away our civil liberties.

Each day we are hit with so many blatant examples of fear mongering propaganda it disgusts me. I’ve seen this poster plastered on every possible place, on the subway on the path and in their respective stations. With that being said please allow me to provide my analysis. At first glance this image seems fairly innocent and benign. We see a man sitting on the subway, reading on what looks to be a kindle or an iPad. From what we can see there is only one other passenger on the train, he is reading a newspaper. To the left of the passenger placed beneath the seat is a taped up cardboard box. In bold eye catching letters the question is asked; What’s wrong with this picture? So I ask really, what is wrong with this picture? Now, let’s delve a bit deeper.

I have quite a few issues with this “picture” but my main grievance is that it implicates every Subway or Path passenger as possibly engaging in some type of “suspicious activity”. Because of this as a citizen to the state you must spy on your fellow American. If this man depicted as doing something most of us do on the Subway; reading (on a kindle, a book or a cell phone) is possibly doing something out of the ordinary then no behavior can be considered normal.  Is this how the Port Authority views the American people? Is this the manner in which they look at every box, suitcase or purse? Are we being deemed guilty before innocent and if so what are the negative implications of such a ridiculous and heinous assertion? If every Path or Subway rider is a suspected terrorist before it is even proven what happens to our civil liberties? The entire ordinary air this depiction takes implicates every individual, every action and every circumstance as possibly having some sort of ties to being a terrorist.

If we plaster this picture in enough places and desensitize our citizens to the “fear” this type of poster promotes then our people are successfully governed by that fear. Now, that innocent American will obey and submit to having their bag checked, they will comply with getting strip searched and they will be comforted that their every move is being watched on camera.  

Thomas Jefferson Quote - Wall Street & Broadway

This is a picture I took a few days ago at the intersection of Wall Street and Broadway in Manhattan. Written on the sidewalk in chalk it reads:  When people fear their governments it’s called Tyranny. When governments fear their people it’s called Liberty. Thomas Jefferson

   When I literally walked over this I read it and I was immediately covered in goose bumps. It is a perfect representation of exactly how I feel. Thus I decided it would make a perfect initial post. This quote personifies so many of the issues we face as a nation. Whether it is issues like terrorism, war or even our upcoming presidential election our government tries to plant seeds of fear in us to carry out their agendas. These “seeds” are often subtle yet they carry immense power subconsciously.